Committed since childhood to the sport of pure bred dogs; Ciel Brae Shelties is a dream come true for David and Kyle Bohnenkamp. Our dogs are completely owner-handled to their AKC Championship. Each individual  dog is loved, handled and socialized by every member of our family to encourage great temperaments. We constantly expand our knowledge by  participating in continuing education seminars. The seminars focus on  breed standard, health issues, breeding, and performance training. We are  passionate about breeding dogs that closely represent the breed standard and are screened and clear of any defects.

                                     LaFox, Illinois is located 40 miles west of Chicago.

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Ciel Brae, translated,

“Heaven on a Hill”;     

is a perfect setting

for this amazing breed.

Members of the

American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA).

Specializing in  AOAC.

Tri color, bi-black, blue merle,

and bi-blue.